What is the GMAT test? | GMAT COURSE

What is the GMAT test?

The GMAT test is an abbreviation for (The Graduate Management Admissions Test) and it is a test that is offered by those interested in studying business and management programs for the graduate program, especially for those who plan to complete their studies abroad, they must pass the GMAT exam successfully.

Why should you join the GMAT COURSE ?

The GMAT certificate is accredited and recognized internationally in international universities for everyone who aims to develop their studies in both business and management, and even a master’s in business administration, and this test must be prepared months before entering it, and therefore you must participate in it long beforehand; In order for a suitable date to be determined for you, because this test has specific timelines that are held within its frameworks, and the dates are determined according to the numbers registered in it, and the students’ turnout for them.
How to pass GMAT test ?
How to pass the test is a test that is done via the Internet; Therefore, it is necessary to learn the speed of writing on the keyboard in both Arabic and English, and for anyone who does not know can register for the (ICDL) course, which gives him a background on computers and how to use it and use its applications with learning to print in a fast way, and familiarize you with how the computer works correctly and properly.

The four stages of GMAT exam:
- The first stage:
it lasts one hour and is an analysis and evaluation writing.
- The second stage:
its duration is an hour and a quarter, which is quantitative equations and are solved from your background knowledge.
- The third stage:
it lasts an hour and a quarter and is an oral exam (you ask specific questions and answer them orally).
- The fourth stage:
it lasts for half an hour, and it is an evaluation of the student’s performance and knowledge of his abilities in linking the overlapping topics in an analytical way, so that his level and logical way of thinking are known in management and business topics.}