What is the SAT TEST?

Introduction about SAT TEST
The world has witnessed in recent times a great development in the field of science and education, which has led to a tremendous increase in the number of schools, institutes, and universities, which also led to the continuous effort to maintain the quality of students ’education outcomes. This necessitated the emergence of scholastic aptitude examinations, which aim to maintain the quality of education, and one of the most famous of these exams is the SAT test.
The SAT test is an exam that American students submit while they are in high school, to be accepted into the American College, and this test is very widespread also in the countries of the Arab world.
SAT sections:
The SAT test is divided into three sections, which are as follows:

It consists of three tests that are presented in the English language, and these tests are:
- A 25-minute test consisting of 20 multiple-choice questions.
- A 25-minute test consisting of 8 multiple choice questions and ten direct answer questions.
- A 20-minute test consisting of 16 multiple choice questions.


this section also includes three tests in the English language, two of which are 25 minutes long and the third test is 20 minutes long.
This test generally focuses on the student’s vocabulary and vocabulary in the language, the student’s ability to construct and understand sentences and essays, the student in this test have to read the paragraphs, then beginning to solve the questions.

Writing: this test is divided into two parts:
The first section:

multiple choice type, and the questions are of the type (true or false) with error correction.

The second section:

which is 25 minutes long, requires the student to write a paragraph, the topic of which usually revolves around the student’s opinion on a specific issue or matter.}