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Why TOFEL with EduTec? - Enjoy with us International Standard Training - Updated material for preparation - Special interest towards weaker students - Interactive and live sessions with experienced teachers - Mockup tests as live as the actual environment
Aims of the Course
We will help you in the following:

TOEFL Reading Question Types
• Factual and Negative Factual Information
• Inference and Rhetorical
• Recognizing Vocabulary
• Sentence Explanation
• Insert Text
• Prose Summary

TOEFL Listening syllabus
The second section of the examination is the listening section.
The questions will be based on:
• Basic comprehension
• Connecting, analyzing, and interpreting the available information
• Pragmatic understanding, attitude, and certainty

TOEFL Listening Question Types
Gist Content/Purpose: Candidates are required to provide the main idea of the recording they listen to for the gist of the content. The gist purpose, on the other hand, requires them to identify the main purpose of the recording. This question type is identified by terms such as ‘MAINLY ABOUT’, ‘MAINLY DISCUSSING’, ‘WHY DOES THE STUDENT’, and ‘WHAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE.

TOEFL Speaking syllabus
The third compulsory section is the TOEFL speaking examination. This section is designed to test and measure the speaking skills and fluency of international students in the English language. It will be like students interacting and using all the skills in the classroom while studying. Time duration of 15-30 seconds will be given to the candidates for preparing their answers and they will need to speak with their head speakers.

TOEFL Speaking Question Types
The TOEFL speaking exam pattern consists of two tasks:
Question 1:
Independent Task: In this task, test takers are required to present their own opinions, experiences and ideas.
Question 2:
4 Integrated Task – This is a cross-functional task that involves listening, writing, and reading skills in addition to speaking skills.

TOEFL Writing syllabus
This section has two types of tasks-integrated and independent writing:
• Integrated writing
• Independent writing
• Integrated Writing Task
• Independent Writing Task