Global Studies

Global Studies programs encourage the customers to achieve their promising professional future.

Global Studies Training and Education programs are offered at GS Training, GS ELearning and GS Education.


International Board for Coaches, working tirelessly and professionally to train the trainers and are making them competitive for facing this overly advancing world.


Has been established with the participation of the best experts and academics who are promoters of knowledge and education in order for the academy to be a window for teaching professional and academic education programs inside and outside the United Kingdom.


ASKPC is introducing advanced IT courses via virtual classroom and eLearning technologies.

Our courses are designed by subject matter experts in IT, Engineering, and eLearning.

Benglish is an organization which offers many online courses for those people who want to learn English to use in professional as well as in personal life.

The Benglish has built the trust across the world with its high quality English learning courses.

An American university in United States is running this organization.

The main objective of the Benglish organization is to provide the high quality learning to its students.

This leaning will help the students in availing employment and many other job opportunities.