Module D1: Intensive General English – Elementary

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Module D1 Intensive General English – Elementary-min

D Learning & Development Section at Ministry of Public Health is proud to announce the training course ( Module D1: Intensive General English – Elementary ) in collaboration with EduTec Training Center.

The top rated trainee of every group will receive a gift that value 1,500 QR approx.

10 days / 30 hours of intensive study to reach next level

Our General English programme offers you a balanced syllabus with writing, reading, listening and communication, using modern course books and a wide range of our resource materials.You will be expected to participate in pair work, group work and be as active as possible in the classroom. Our aim is to improve accuracy and fluency with the emphasis on effective communication.

Our classes are usually small, which means that your teacher can give you the personal attention you need. Participants are given plenty of opportunities to practise the spoken English language through discussions, debates and conversation activities, such as role-play and pair-work

The Training Schedule for English Language Training Program 2016

Session Starting Date Course Time
 Session 1  21/8/2016 Module A  8 AM to 11 AM
 Session 2  21/8/2016 Module B  11 AM to 2 PM
 Session 3  2/10/2016  Module C  8 AM to 11 AM
 Session 4  2/10/2016  Module D1  11 AM to 2 PM
 Session 5  16/10/2016 Module B  8 AM to 11 AM
 Session 6  16/10/2016 Module A  11 AM to 2 PM
 Session 7  6/11/2016  Module D2  8 AM to 11 AM
 Session 8   6/11/2016 Module C  11 AM to 2 PM
 Session 9  20/11/2016 Module A  8 AM to 11 AM
 Session 10  20/11/2016 Module B  11 AM to 2 PM
 Session 11  4/12/2016 Module C  8 AM to 11 AM
 Session 12  4/12/2016  Module D3  11 AM to 2 PM

Course Features

  • Duration 10 Days / 5 days a week ( Sun to Thu ) from 11 am to 2 pm
  • Language level Beginners Level
  • Language English

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