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English in the workplace course is designed by EduTec expert team and totally customized to fit the Qatari workplace needs, and more directly relevant to adult professionals to communicate more effectively in their workplace.

Course Levels: 3 courses:   English in the workplace I
–  designed for Beginners+ to Elementary level        English in the workplace II
–  designed for Pre-intermediate to Intermediate level        English in the workplace III
–  designed for Upper-intermediate to Advanced level
Language Level: Beginners+ to Advanced [A1-C1]

Aims of the course – English in the workplace:

  • To increase the participant’s comprehension of difficult texts, such as legal correspondence and contracts.
  • To master the participant’s comprehension of spoken English when used in meetings, presentations and discussions.
  • To improve the participant’s ability to write business texts in English namely letters, memos and minutes of meetings.
  • To practice an analytical approach to a participants writing by looking critically on written assignments.
  • To expand the participants vocabulary.
  • To improve the participants ability to speak effectively in various business situations, e.g.  Negotiations and discussion between clients and colleagues.
  • To familiarise the participant with various materials and practice selected tasks within areas of interest.
  • To increase grammar awareness.

Course Outline – English in the workplace I

Meeting for the first time

  • At reception
  • Company visitors
  • What do you do?
  • Making visitors feel welcome
  • Small talk
  • Introductions Emails
  • An enquiry by email
  • A reply to an enquiry
  • A follow-up email
  • A reply to a follow-up email
  • Invitations
  • Replies to invitations


  • Incoming calls
  • Outgoing calls
  • When things go wrong
  • Telephone messages
  • Conference arrangements
  • Travel plans Meeting again

Welcome back

  • Plans
  • A change of plan
  • How was your visit?
  • What can I do for you?
  • Goodbye

Course Outline – English in the workplace II

Giving presentations

  • Back in the office
  • Visitors to the company
  • Down to business
  • The presentation
  • Questions and answers at the presentation
  • Closing the meeting

Conference calls and international correspondence

  • On the phone to Australia
  • Emailing Australia

Conference calls and international correspondence (continued)

  • Starting the telephone conference call
  • Ending the telephone conference call
  • Making plans by email
  • Telephone small talk

Business trips

  • Arranging the business trip
  • Priorities for the business trip
  • Dealing with questions in the conference call
  • Written invitations
  • Business trip details
  • Changes to the schedule

Video conferencing

  • Welcome back to the office
  • The project review
  • Starting the video conference
  • Discussing problems in the video conference
  • Finding solutions in the video conference
  • Ending the video conference

Course Outline – English in the workplace III


  • Talking about your favourite brands
  • Taking part in meetings
  • Product promotions


  • Socializing introductions and networking
  • Status within an organization
  • Company structure


  • Attitudes towards money
  • Talking about finance
  • Investing


  • Good and bad advertising
  • Starting presentations
  • Authentic advertisements


  • Cultural awareness in business
  • Advice for doing business across cultures
  • Business relationships

Course Features

  • Duration 30 hours
  • Language level All levels
  • Language English

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