English in the workplace 2 training for SCH staff

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English in the workplace-min

English in the workplace 2 course is totally customized to fit the Qatari workplace needs, and more directly relevant to adult professionals to communicate more effectively in their workplace.



Aims of the course – English in the workplace 2:
  • To master the participant’s comprehension of spoken English when used in meetings, presentations and discussions.
  • To improve the participant’s ability to write business texts in English namely letters, memos and minutes of meetings.
  • To practice an analytical approach to a participants writing by looking critically on written assignments.
  • To expand the participants vocabulary.
  • To improve the participants ability to speak effectively in various business situations, e.g.  Negotiations and discussion between clients and colleagues.
  • To familiarise the participant with various materials and practice selected tasks within areas of interest.
  • To increase grammar awareness.


Course Outline – English in the workplace 2


Giving presentations

  • Back in the office
  • Visitors to the company
  • Down to business
  • The presentation
  • Questions and answers at the presentation
  • Closing the meeting


Conference calls and international correspondence


  • On the phone to Australia
  • Emailing Australia
  • Starting the telephone conference call
  • Ending the telephone conference call
  • Making plans by email
  • Telephone small talk


Business trips


  • Arranging the business trip
  • Priorities for the business trip
  • Dealing with questions in the conference call
  • Written invitations
  • Business trip details
  • Changes to the schedule


Video conferencing


  • Welcome back to the office
  • The project review
  • Starting the video conference
  • Discussing problems in the video conference
  • Finding solutions in the video conference
  • Ending the video conference

Course Features

  • Duration 6 Days / 2 days a week (Sun & Tue) from 7 pm to 10 pm
  • Language level Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate [A2-B2]
  • Language English

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