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Course Levels: one-level course

English for Customer Care Course has been developed for people working in Customer Service who need a good level of English. You might be working in the sales or customer service department of a company, or you might have direct contact with customers in an organization a bank or hotel. Perhaps you speak to customers on the telephone from a help-desk or a call center. In all of these situations, you need language skills and specific techniques in order to communicate successfully. English for Customer Care training not only offers expressions and vocabulary, but also it addresses strategies related to the effective use of English in a business context.

EduTec now runs a practical, hands-on workshop that is the ideal course for customer service professionals to help you communicate effectively with customers, whether in person, over the phone, or in writing.  This course will help you to be prepared and boost  your confidence to be in control.

Each part of English for Customer Care course addresses the different forms of customer contact, such as face to face meetings, telephone calls, and written communication. The final part presents the skills needed to solve problems and dealing with customer complaints effectively.

The course is suitable for people who have direct contact with customers in a variety of contexts.

Course Levels:Course Objectives

  • Explore basic principles of customer service in English so you can make a good first impression.
  • Learn key expressions and vocabulary to communicate in a clear, polite and helpful way.
  • Practice so you can adapt to different situations: face to face, in calls, or in writing.
  • Learn strategies to help you deal with unexpected problems and cross-cultural issues with confidence.
  • Develop skills to deal with complaints and questions quickly and professionally.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Customer Care: Customer care success, customer care business and jobs.
    • Language Tips and Strategies
      • Skills and qualities for good customer care
      • Making suggestions


  • Face to face with customers: Body language, a company visit, trade fairs, the invisible customer.
    • Language Tips and Strategies
      • Basic socializing language
      • The importance of small talk
      • Follow-up
      • Steps for winning customers in your presentations


  • Dealing with customers on the phone: General telephoning, the ‘customer care’ phone call, what the customers really hear.
    • Language Tips and Strategies
      • Being courteous on the phone
      • Making sure you understand
      • Making arrangements
  • Call centre success: Taking an order, hotline, customer-centered call centres.
    • Language Tips and Strategies
      • The first impression
      • Clarifying and explaining
      • Checking comprehension


  • Delivering customer care through writing: Effective letters and emails, formal and informal writing styles.
    • Language Tips and Strategies
      • Salutations and closes
      • Standard phrases for handling customers (connecting with the reader, taking action, etc.)
      • Enclosures and attachments


  • Dealing with problems and complaints: Complaint strategies and policies, the letter of apology, explaining company policy.
    • Language Tips and Strategies
      • Softening bad news and apologizing
      • Problem-solving steps


Course Features

  • Duration 30 hours
  • Language level Intermediate to Advanced [B1-C1]
  • Language English

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