Effective Report Writing

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Effective Report Writing-min

Course Levels: 1 level

The general purpose of the course is to improve student’s report writing skills. The course will equip participants with effective linguistic tools to prepare short report outlines and then write successfully on their own.

Aims of the Course:

  • To improve student’s ability to write effective reports in English,
  • To familiarize students with the structure of reports,
  • To expand student’s business English vocabulary and phrases typically used in reports,
  • To practice analytical approach to student’s writing by looking critically on written assignments,
  • To increase grammar awareness
  • To practice punctuation, register and style re reports

In class the student will:

  • Get familiar with different types of reports
  • Improve formal writing by frequent exposure to writing assignments,
  • Practice coherence and learn how to avoid wordiness,
  • Practice correct spelling and punctuation by analyzing their writing and by various exercises on error correction,
  • Use proper collocations, synonyms and antonyms naturally and effectively,
  • Be aware of major differences in British and American spelling.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1 and 2:  I. Preparing and planning a good report

  • Aim of writing
  • Setting objectives, assessing your readership, organizing ideas
  • Research, how to make notes, deciding what information you will need,
  • Summaries, outlines, skeletal framework
  • Draft

Lesson 3 and 4: Obtaining data/information

  • Sorting and classifying your findings
  • Evaluating your findings
  • Checking your findings

Lesson 5 and 6: Writing your report

  • Pre-writing stage
  • Drafting the main body and appendixes
  • Drafting introduction, conclusions, recommendations
  • Checking and amending the report

Lesson 7 and 8:Presentation of the report

Presentation, structure and style

  • General layout
  • Bullet points
  • Fonts
  • Headers, footers and page numbers
  • Using images, tables, charts and diagrams
  • Logical ordering
  • Register, tone, increasing vocabulary

Lesson 9 and 10:Improving presentation of your report

  • Word processing and desktop publishing
  • Layout and design – summary
  • Illustrations, colors

Course Features

  • Duration 18 hours
  • Language level Upper-Intermediate to Advanced
  • Language English

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