Boost your business speaking skills

Boost your business speaking skills-min

Course Levels: 2 levels

Course 1: Boost your business speaking skills I (Pre-intermediate to Intermediate)
Course 2: Boost your business speaking skills II (Upper-Intermediate to Advanced)

The main objective of this course will be to master students business speaking skills needed in their workplace. This will include covering essential topics such as meetings, conferences, negotiations, successful telephone calls as well as customer service and office language. Being exposed to various in-class activities and assignments, course participants will get numerous opportunities to expand their professional vocabulary, practice and improve grammatical structures used in business and work contexts as well as a chance to polish their pronunciation and work on proper intonation.

Aims of the Course – Boost your business speaking skills:

  • To expand business English vocabulary, essential phrases and grammatical structures
  • To learn how to successfully contribute to work meetings, chair meetings and actively participate in such
  • To improve on team-building skills and working in a multinational environment
  • To negotiate effectively in English
  • To handle difficult situations at work and establish good relations
  • To present information, data and share knowledge with co-workers or employees in a clear and transparent way.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction to world of work: Talking about ability and interest, comparing jobs.

Lesson 2: Office routines: Talking about routines, frequency adverbs

Lesson 3: Clarifying meaning: Confirming, clarifying

Lesson 4: Making appointments: Appointments requests, arrangements, clock times, suggestions

Lesson 5: Locations and Directions:  Asking about and stating location, asking for and giving directions, prepositions of location and direction

Lesson 6: Telephone conversations: Telephone routines, questions and answers as fixed forms

Lesson 7: Current activities: Talking about current actions, proper grammatical structures used in such context

Lesson 8: Presentations: Preparing and structuring a successful presentation

Lesson 9: Handling difficult work situations: Proper dealing with complaints, giving/asking for permission, giving advice

Lesson 10: Recent experiences and future plans: Talking about what happened recently, asking about and stating future plans, possibilities and predictions

Course Features

  • Duration 30 hours for each level
  • Language level Pre-Intermediate to Advanced (B1-C1)
  • Language English

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