Beginners English A

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Our Beginners English course is carefully designed to help you gain essential language skills that will help boost your confidence from day one.

Why choose This Course?

  • An easy to follow, structured course
  • Learn essential speaking & listening and reading & writing skills
  • Get a good understanding of basic grammar and vocabulary
  • Start using practical English examples from day one.
  • Progress with regular tests, targets and personal learning plans
  • Why not take the first step and open up a world of English-speaking opportunities?

Course Prerequisites:

Courses in English Program are offered to those who have either completed the course requirement listed below or who so qualify after scoring satisfactorily on a given placement test.

Course Sub-Level REQUIREMENT
Introductory ( A0 – A1 ) N/A
Beginner English A ( A1 ) Introductory ( A0 – A1 )
Beginner English B ( A1 ) Beginner English A ( A1 )
  • 12 lessons per sub-level
  • Balance of general and business English that is more directly relevant to adult professionals
  • Placement test before the training begins
  • Customized Learning Program
  • Progress tests
  • All trainers are fully qualified native speakers of English
  • Experienced and certified bilingual teachers for Complete Beginners learners ( Optional )
  • Wide range of learning material and support

Course Descriptions:

  • Speaking and Listening– Participants will practice and develop their communicative competence in the use of oral language through pairs, small groups, and full-class activities, discussions, and dialogues emphasizing listening strategies and speaking fluency.
  • Reading and Vocabulary– Participants will learn and practice reading strategies and increase their English vocabulary with contextual use of both high-frequency and daily life vocabulary. Reading passages will be used from a variety of sources, and test-taking strategies will be analyzed and practiced.
  • Grammar and Writing– Participants will practice and demonstrate understanding of basic English grammar through integrated use in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Participants will apply knowledge of grammar and vocabulary to writing tasks from the sentence through essay level.
  • Pronunciation– Participants will learn and practice effective pronunciation of the phonemes of British English or North American English as well as its patterns of stress, linking and intonation.
  • Integrated Skills Workshop– Participants will practice and develop their language skills in a laboratory setting using technology, language development software, and individualized guidance from instructors.

Course Features

  • Start Date 15th Apr 2022 08:00 PM
  • End Date 15th Apr 2022 09:30 PM
  • Address EduTec
  • Provider EduTec
  • Duration 3 days a week, every Saturday, Monday & Wednesday from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Language English